Folk art in modern garb

My story

I’m Gitka Kriston. Designer. My name is also my trademark. I founded the brand in 2012 which is a self-identical, sophisticated, unique entity. It dresses tradition in a new robe, giving the wearer a sense of comfort and a special look in a rushing world.

Since I was a little girl, folk art, Hungarian motifs and matyo embroidery have been a part of my life. I was born in Mezőkövesd where under the influence of my Grandmother who deals with folk art, I have been drawing matyo roses since I was 6 years old and I have been embroidering these astonishing decorative motifs since I was 8 years old. In the early 2012s to refresh my own wardrobe I made some embroidery for my simpler clothes for which I received a lot of positive feedback. A few years later in 2014 I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Hungarian painter Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi who lives in the Principality of Monaco. I decorated the clothes and jewelry of the female figures depicted in her paintings with self-made embroidery. An exhibition of the works was created, hosted by the Le Metropole Center in Monaco, the Szent Gellért Bath in Budapest and the Kempinski Hotel.

Chaos D'Autmne

In 2018 in collaboration with fashion photographer Ildikó Sopronfalvi I had the opportunity to appear in a fashion magazine in New York where the famous model of the New Balance brand presented my “CHAOS D’AUTUMNE” collection (Sheeba Magazine) on 6 pages.

Collaborations in Hungary

I have been cooperating with several Hungarian brands as a motif designer, embroidery technique and color consultant since 2018. Many joint works have been made or are being made month after month which are really popular both in the domestic and international markets (Matyodesign, tutuME).

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